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  1. Easter

    Hey Selena! Long time! Wanted to say I love your blog and want to eventually do bento boxes for my son when he gets a little older! How long does it take? It looks like it takes a while? Any quick ideas?

    1. selena Post author

      Hey Easter! Great hearing from you! Some take a while, but actual execution no more than 20-30 mins tops for the complicated ones, like the Christmas themes. An everyday lunch, 10-15 tops. What takes a long time is brainstorming, actually. I use leftovers or sandwiches a lot to save time, pre-wash and cut veggies or boil a big batch of eggs for the week, etc. Cheese is great as a protein filler if you’re in a bind. babybel, string cheese, cracker-cut slices. Hope that helps! Your bentos would be gorgeous.


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